Picturedance.com (Dave Joly & Annie Gusman) specializes in creating digital illustration, and animation for advertising, publishing & new media applications.

Dave thinks of

funny things to draw and animate, makes toys, grows a garden, and plays and teaches conga and djembe rhythms in Putnam, CT.

He teaches animation and computer graphics at a local community college and to individuals as well.

Prior to freelancing, Dave was an animation designer at Atari in Sunnyvale, CA. producing games for the 2600 and 5200 game systems, and then at Coleco in West Hartford, CT, working with the ill-fated ADAM computer system.

He still misses the business meetings on the beach and the game room at Atari, but likes having coffeetime with Annie even more.

Annie paints pictures,

takes vitamins, studies holistic health books, and dreams of living in California while shivering in cold, dark New England.

A native Long Islander, she takes immense pleasure in having once been mistaken for a native Californian.

She has taught at the Art Institute of Boston, University of Hartford, and University of Connecticut. Currently Annie teaches illustration and digital imaging classes at the local community college.

She makes monthly visits to a nursing home, helping the residents experience the pleasure of painting, and conducts "Painting from Within" workshops as a continuing-ed class.

She's not as good a drummer as Dave, but her blueberry cobbler puts him to shame.